All memberships are due May 1st and must be notorized.

Membership in the Idaho Junior Rodeo Association is open to youth 0-18 in the state of Idaho upon paid membership and verification of age.

Membership forms must be signed by all participants and all participant helpers. Parent/Guardian signatures must be notarized.

Age groups are divided into three divisions; 0-8, 9-13, and 14-18 with both boys divisions and girls divisions in each.  Age is calculated as of January 1 of the current year.  Contestants cannot compete in more than one age group.  Contestants can compete in an older age group if desired.  Birth Certificates must be provided.

Each participant must include a $75 (or $150 per family) sponsor with the membership form also due May 1st. 


*All entries and fees for each rodeo will be mailed to the Rodeo Secretary. Each rodeo has a due date that is specified on the entry form. The due dates are approximately  2 weeks prior to the rodeo.   

*The option to hometown ONE rodeo is now available, No membership fee or sponsor fees or forms need to be submitted, but this can only be done once and require a membership form for waiver and entry form.

*We are asking that all participants fill out a Covid release form and send it in with your entry form.

Send all forms to:

Krissy Madsen

2844 Kelly Toponce Rd.

Bancroft, Idaho 83217

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